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Cutiedraws / Joebrise

Hello, world! You are in: CutieDraws official page, where you can buy cute and cozy illustrations.

My Name is Joebrise, and I am the owner, artist and illustrator behind CUTIE DRAWS, based in Tarragona, Spain. CD represents a simple design and a very personal look at things, after more than a decade of experience as a creative professional.
I was born and raised in Tarragona and artistically nurtured since as far as I can remember. My jobs have all been related to the world of publishing and printing, and all my family instilled in me the notion of hard work //”perfect practice makes perfect.”//, dedication and growth through perseverance. I also attribute my sense of professionalism to my 13 years of work in a publishing house. My goal is to provide fun illustrations.


How to buy?


Head over my Fiverr account and get the basic draw for only $10. A colour illustration is worth more: details in the description. I’m a Level Two Seller on Fiverr, which means I have excellent reviews, high rating and a high volume of sales.

I have a bunk of illustrations but… if you need a special draw or to customize an existing one,

please contact Here.


Get It Printed!


Please note that my prices are for the digital illustrations only. However, I can provide excellent recommendations for printers (T-shirts, phonecases, etc). Contact me for information.


I am located at 100km of Barcelona in a city called Tarragona, and I started this project two years ago. And now, in 2017 I open this website. I hope you like it and follow the blog and social links. I’ll keep you updated.

I’m currently working in a coworking space called- La Caravana Coworking –

Joaquima Vedruna Street. Pral D –  43003 Tarragona Spain. +34 977 212 192

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